Patch 3.0.6 – Die Schätze der Wüste
Am heutigen Dienstag werden die Server für einen neuen Inhaltspatch heruntergefahren.
Die Server sind in der Zeit von 8.00 Uhr bis 13.00 Uhr nicht erreichbar.

Auf Euch warten orientalische Bauten, antike Ruinen und lebenspendende Oasen. Diese sind der Ausgangspunkt für Kämpfe gegen gefräßige Lindwürmer, magische Runenwächter und Drachen.
Außerdem erwartet Euch in der Wüste Limo die Instanz
Grabmal von Kawak mit fünf Bossen. Die Wächter der Instanz bewachen die sterblichen Überreste von Kawak Grollfang, einem großen Kriegshelden, der sich einst opferte, um seine Feinde in eine Falle zu locken.

Wer hätte es gedacht, der Diamantenhandel ist zurück, mehr dazu erfahrt ihr

Mehr darüber erfahrt ihr natürlich im
RoM-Forum und die Patchnotizen gibts wie immer hier.

Die Fallen Angels wünschen allen viel Erfolg beim Leveln und in der neunen Instanz !!!

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#9 by Cathy 03.06.2012 - 08:14
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Based on all that I&#8217;m going to rephrase my earlier statement and say that I&#8217;m glad &#8220;The Fridge&#8221; is in that hands now of someone who will keep it well maintained.  Outstanding job. Looking forward to more vids.

#10 by Zeal 07.06.2012 - 10:50
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Ya it really is a freak show while your sleeping these guys are up working their asses of for what they love and believe in.. These guys push their limits each and everyday.. Respect is not given it&#8217;s earned!!

#11 by gdsh 29.10.2012 - 11:34
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Trestle Table Eating In Middle ages Design

Early trestle table layout was practical in engineering and desirable because it seemed to be easy to disassemble and move. It was and still is the excellent occasional table. With it is rather simple design, those seated do not possess the inconvenience of four fixed legs at each corner of the table obtaining it one's way much like the design of a pedestal table.

Daily the common room or the terrific hall as they were known had been again cleared and utilized as the Lords deemed fit. Because time went on castles started to be a symbol of power and less to be a place of defense and populace centers grew also known as towns. Castles and manors were functioning more like homes which necessary furniture and craftsmen began to build more ornate items. Around the 1500's the trestle table grew to become an important piece of furniture.

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In italian capital this style was made with stone or marble as well as was basically a pedestal-style kitchen table. By the Middle Ages the trestle kitchen table was often a few forums set on top of trestle legs which makes it collapsible and easily moved or perhaps stored.

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They were often manufactured from maple, oak or pine. A modern style of the refectory kitchen table is know as the extendable top or a draw dining room table with leaves that are saved under the top and can become pulled out to extend the concludes.

Today the trestle table are visible in designs of outdoor furniture like have a picnic tables to handcrafted Amish food tables. Americana is a well-known and beloved traditional Amish style as are Shaker and also Arts and Crafts Mission style. Including the table of the Middle Ages, your Mission style is braced jointly using a stretcher beam and keyed tenon through the center of every trestle.
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The particular Amish create their tables out of native woods like the early Mediterranean and Europeans. They like to use red oak, hickory, quarter-sawn white oak, walnut, cherry in addition to maple. The modern Amish table is rather versatile and is well-suited for chairs a wide range of styles like conventional dining chairs such as a Windsor or Mission slatted back to solid wood seats as were used in the Middle Ages.

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Diners from the middle Ages looking for a place to set out the roasted boar along with pheasant just laid out a couple of planks across two stands plus called it a feast. Right now we place a piece of plyboard across a couple of sawhorses and call it a picnic. Though this style and design has taken many forms, some simple, some ornate but it is this is the same design from historical time.

Trestle designs were used because of the military in the field, slipped into wagons or used on ships. We were looking at mentioned in writings through Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. The National Gallery involving Art in Washington, Power has a portrait of one for their collection showing it as on the list of earliest examples as an fine art piece, an important piece of Us history.

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Swimp3 China Drop Shipper Idlemall Releases Two Waterproof Mp3 Players

You may ask: why a waterproof Iphone?

Well, there are people who love music while jogging, cycling, driving and working out, consider while doing your laps or even playing in the water? Just make sure you do not doze off in the middle of the share.

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Lets take a look at the two players:

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2G Waterproof Necklace MP3 Player -- SwiMP3

Music Format: MP3/WMA
Flash Inferface: USB 2.0
Watertight Rating: IPx8 (waterproof down to a depth of 3 meters regarding 3 hours)
Memory: 2 Gigabyte
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Temperature Status: 0 - 50 deg C
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Systems: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac Os in this handset 8.6 or afterwards
Power Source: rechargeable Li-ion electric battery (charged via USB)
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Length and width: 19mm x 66mm
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Waterproof Earphone (Head-Mount Type)
Earbud Set
Browse Cable (Special)
User Guide book

4G Blue Waterproof MP3 Player with regard to Swimming Goggles - SwiMP3

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This waterproof player is a wifi solution using a special designed clip holder that repairs on to your swimming glasses.

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It is lightweight and can float, enabling quick and easy recuperation in the pool. It is simple to utilize with both swimwear and also swimming goggles. It has significant ergonomic buttons, which make the idea very suitable for swimming.

Music Format: MP3/WMA
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Memory space: 4 GB or 3 GB
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Primary function: Watertight MP3 player for water sports fanatics or shower fanatics
Temperatures Rating: 0 - 55 deg C
Output of earphones: Couple of x 4mW
Systems: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Macintosh OS 8.6 as well as later
Power Source: regular Li-ion battery (charged via Universal serial bus)
Dimensions: 19mm x 66mm
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Running A Computer Repair Shop

It seems that everyone has a computer these days, nonetheless very few people can restore them if any of the computer hardware goes bad. Well, if you would like for a new career, want to suggest that you consider having your private computer repair shop.
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Call to Action: Don't wait! The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start raking while in the cash money.

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Problems Common with R4 DS Cards, their Solution and Prevention

The R4 DS1 playing cards are revolutionary technology that is geared towards enhancing the Nintendo DS video games experience. These cards are plugs that are connected to slot Just one or slot 2 with the DS gaming console, and the target SD is inserted in them as a way to connect to the console. This specific optimizes the performance and operations of the gaming console.
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You have to squeeze card to proper application, though;or else you will have to take on poor functioning or entire failure of the device. The very first thing you must understand is that the card is definitely an adapter, and not a storage device for all the promised applications. Just as one adapter, its importance is in linking your memory card to the system, as Nintendo DS is made without the need of memory storage. .

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You may experience problems of incompatibility of the files you download with the system. You can avoid this by ensuring that a files have a formatting that may be in accord with r4 firmware to prevent gaming interruption. With all the right equipment such as the acceptable micro SD card and up-to-date firmware helps you avoid such problems.

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There could also be file spot errors. This is easily resolved with good file administration. You should save all obtain in a separate folder from the root site, where a most of the applications and products are usually stored. This way, the machine does not index the submit you are searching at the root internet site, and the search takes a small amount of time.

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A bad patch file will also be a problem. This can happen even though the programs are working properly. This problem often evolved as a properly installation fatal crashes when you attempt to run this. The solution to this is running a patch kit.

The most preventive measure of problems with any R4 Nintendo ds card you could be using can be its proper maintenance. When using the suitable applications goes quite a distance in enhancing its overall performance. Regularly installing program improvements is also recommended.
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