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AWood outdoor material brand with more than 10 years of existence and development in the market and many completed and large and large exterior works have affirmed the quality and occupied consumers' trust. Through Vietbuild 2018 International Exhibition Fair, the AWood brand "Housing - Architecture & Interior Decoration" at B21-B30 booth of A5 will introduce the latest products and ways Luxury decor that users can make for home interior space.

Coming to Vietbuild this time, AWood brand is pleased to bring to visitors and buy 2 typical product groups: outdoor wooden floor - san go , plastic flooring - san nhua - and finished exterior decoration. Awood outdoor floor has long affirmed the brand in resorts, gardens, hotels, hotels, spas, villas, apartments, wharves, marinas, yachts, private pool gardens ... and 10-year warranty policy for each floor product, users do not have to worry about material quality. Accompanying exterior decoration items such as pergola flower trays, chairs, trash cans of Awood brand are also durable over time without any brand being able to compare.

The Awood material display booth at this fair is also very impressive for visitors because customers can directly experience the quality of products in the walkways around the booth as well as the wooden pergola flower truss samples. Awood plastic with modern design, satisfied even the most fastidious customers.

Accompanying the introduction of new products, the incentive comes during the Fair for customers who visit and shop directly at the booth is also very attractive. The products displayed directly at the booth with 10-30% discount program always receive the attention and enthusiastic support of visitors.

With more than 10 years of co-operating with Vietnamese users and receiving many positive feedbacks, the great motivation of Awood brand is getting better and more developed. We sincerely thank users who have trusted Awood and committed to always bring to consumers the quality products with various designs for each requirement of the most rigorous exterior decoration.
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