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A common feature of women all over the world love the beautiful things. With the false eyelash grafting technology popular in the world, it also spawned many false eyelash wholesalers, retailers, beauty salons and other fake eyelash derivatives. But now most of them are researching their own brands and relying on the influence of brands to make a profit. Then the private label eyelash extensions is very popular now . As a manufacturer of the different styles false eyelash, we of course have to keep up with the trend of the times and provide this service--private label eyelash extensions to our customers. You only need to send the details of your trademark logo to us in AI or PS format. Then we will confirm the details each other, after confirmed the details , we will print the background card and packing box with your own logo according to your requirements. However,if make the private label eyelash extensions also have the MOQ request , and we will charge a fee to cover our print expenses. Take action. Nothing we can't do but what you can't imagine.Private Label Eyelash Extension manufacturers
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